Coming Soon

Once upon a time, there was a casual World of Warcraft guild that came together in pursuit of the game’s most sought after stuff. It was a guild founded on mutual respect, comprised of good people who had grown tired of the toxicity that seemed to spread throughout the realm like a plague.

That guild was called Epicism, and it existed for one purpose: to allow its players to truly enjoy the game we all love. Our stalwart membership of old was each individually committed to both the success of the guild, and to the successes of each other—no matter our individual goals.

Epicism is rebuilding.

After a period of dormancy, Epicism has returned. Right now, we’re looking for a handful of folks who believe in the vision we’re trying to achieve: a chill atmosphere of kind people who want to hang out with the same. We expect this will take time, but if you’re patient and willing, then Epicism awaits.

Sound fun to you? Then please apply within. We look forward to playing with you.