Origin of Epicism

This domain used to be home to an amazing World of Warcraft Guild.

Once upon a time, there was a troupe of video gamers who came together on a nightly basis to vanquish their foes. Their purpose was to slay dragons, farm achievements, and share in jovial merriment.
Once upon a time, Epicism was a World of Warcraft Guild

These players fought for a common purpose in Epicism, a guild they had created with like minds the world over. By joining forces, we would acquire the game’s best items, known as epics, to adorn our characters and prepare us for ever tougher battles. Our mantra was one of cooperation and support. Failure was ALWAYS an option, and we took every opportunity to learn from our mistakes when raiding and help each other to improve our game.
Our pursuit of the highest quality items made the guild’s name most befitting of the daily plight to improve ourselves and our team. United under a banner of Epicism, the group would go on to compete with the best guilds on the realm, sustaining top rankings for progression in the game. This meant that we were among the first to conquer new content, receiving ever-more-impressive epics, and making our members the envy of all we encountered.

Hobbies Change, but Memories Remain

As my kids grew older, I had to relinquish my title as Guild Master and move on to other things—and as often happens, the others did as well. Epicism of Rexxar has long since disbanded, but a few of its members still stay in touch, reminiscing about dragons slain and the hilarity of the epic shenanigans we partook of in the game. We had tons of fun and forged memories that few of us will ever forget.

Now, epicism.com serves as my hope that I might join another amazing team in the pursuit of a common purpose. It’s a bit easier to spell than my last name, and it’s as good a place as any to convey what I’m about.


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